Monday Morning Life Hacks…..

Let’s say you wake up on Monday morning and go to pour yourself a cup of coffee, but you get to the end of the pot before the cup is filled. Your brain is screaming for caffeine and after a short conversation with said brain, it’s obvious that it can’t wait for a new pot to brew. So, what do you do??

1. Do not panic. This is a quick fix that will get you through the day.

2. Grab a can of Ovaltine (I recommend the chocolate malt as it has less sugar), and pour this into your cup to your desired chocolaty-ness.

3. Enjoy the extra energy buzz and increased productivity!

What Monday Life Hack have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!



*Monday Morning Life Hack that may leave you in the ER appears courtesy:


Letter to My Parents on My Birthday…..

The following blog was started yesterday but as the day unfolded, I was unable to finish it until I came back from birthday dinner #1……

Today I am on holiday. Yes, I’m still at home, but I am celebrating my favorite holiday….it’s my birthday! 😀 Already today I’ve gotten well wishes from all over the world. Thanks Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg….whom I’ve never met in person. Was that weird? Never mind)

If you think about it, birthdays are strange. Seriously. We celebrate a person that basically slid out of a hole the size of a dime. Which I suppose is pretty amazing. But the real work and literal sweat and tears was accomplished by my parents (I guess I also cried a little when I arrived all naked and covered in goo. TMI? Nope? Let’s move on…)

So, on my 30-something birthday, I’d like to thank my parents.

Thank you for deciding, after raising both of my sisters, to try again and have me. After all, perfection sometimes takes numerous attempts. 😉

Thank you for the way in which you raised me to believe I could do and be anything, despite my disability. Thank you for instilling in me confidence, grace and humility (even when I don’t show it, I promise it’s there 😉 ).

Thank you for teaching me how powerful prayer and a faith in Jesus can be. How to look to Jesus in times of trial and frustration. And how to praise Him always.

Thank you for having the faith that the Lord knew what He was doing when he called me to college out-of-state. I can’t imagine the apprehension of letting me go. But you did. And I was able to grow in ways that I would not have otherwise.

I love you, mom and dad!

your Lula-belle