Lulabelle’s Guide to a Stress-Free Halloween: Last Minute No Sew Costume Ideas…..

Well guys, that time of year is almost upon us. Tomorrow night the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch, bringing toys to all the good boys and girls. Ok, this is according to Linus from Peanut’s cartoon lore. 

By now if you don’t have a costume for your kid or yourself, you are no doubt starting to panic. But don’t fear, Lulabelle is here!

Figuring out last-minute costume ideas is kinda in my blood. Growing up in a time when Halloween costumes were more home-made than bought, I’ve learned a few tricks to making a great home-made costume. When I was a kid, not only was a store-bought costume not as popular, we didn’t have the money for it. Plus we lived in a secluded area where we had few neighbors. I’m not underestimating when I say we only went trick-or-treating at one place. Two if you count knocking on our own door after getting back from the neighbors across the yard. Because of this our various costumes were a bit limited, but we were creative. One year I went as a California Raisin. My mom stuffed newspaper into a large purple sack with leg holes she had sewn out of cloth. If I remember correctly, I had to go through doorways sideways, which ramped up the fun factor.

I’ve continued this tradition into adulthood. No, I don’t go around knocking on doors asking for candy, but I do attend an annual Halloween party with friends. This year I came as Queen Esther from the Bible. Basing this historical figure on the one created by Big Idea Productions and Veggietales, my queen had elements of purple and green throughout her ensemble. I wore a dress I already had from a wedding I was in a few years ago (shout out to brides everywhere that choose dresses that can be worn more than once. We  your faces), borrowed a tiara from a friend and put my hair up in a bun. My husband borrowed a jesters hat from the same friend, put on a punny shirt and went as Queen Esther’s royal Court Jester (bonus points for having costumes that rhyme). Here was the result:

Halloweenqueenandjester (2)

So, here are a few ideas, off the top of my head that take minimal effort and are made from things you have around the house:

1. Minion: If you came of age in the 90’s, you’ll no doubt have a pair of overalls. Don’t be ashamed to admit you still have them because now you can make them useful. Slap them on with pride! Then, take two of the rings from a mason jar and stick them to your face with gorilla glue (I saw this used on a pumpkin last week and thought, hey, this could work! Probably 😀 ). Don’t worry, my cousin just tried this tonight and it worked like a charm (I think. She hasn’t told me if it was easy to remove. I’ll keep you posted 😉 ). The original suggestion was to use eyelash glue or spirit gum, but the rings may be a bit too heavy for those to hold properly. Next take electrical or duct tape to make the frames of the glasses and help adhere the rings to your face. And BAM! Insta-Minion

2. For the rap lover in, er, most of us, Flavor Flav is an easy costume to construct. Put on something that resembles a track suit (bonus points if it’s made of velour) and take your large kitchen clock off the wall. Adhere a chain around it with copious amounts of duct or electrical tape and hang it around your neck. Slap on some shades and a baseball hat and you are good to go! Extra bonus points if you happen to use a Salvador Dali melting clock for an obscure mash-up twist.

3. This one may be the quickest and most entertaining (at least for the wearer) Cloudy with a Chance of Showers:

Take a blue sweater or t-shirt and adhere cloudy cotton balls with tape to the shirt. Next, fill a small spray bottle with water. When someone asks what you are, say you are cloudy with a chance of showers, and then spray them quickly with water. You may want to carry around an umbrella to give to the person as soon as they ask what you are so they can take cover.

Well, that’s it, guys. May you have a stress free Halloween with these quick and easy last-minute costume ideas!

Happy Haunting!

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