Not Alone: Fighting Depression and Unpacking Gilead’s Balm

*The following blog is recalling this past weekend when my depression came back in full force and how it lifted, for the moment. This is what worked more me. I’m not suggesting this as a cure-all. If you have been diagnosed with depression, please follow all medical advice and continue to take any medication prescribed. 🙂

On Saturday my husband and I and our best friends drove to a concert 3 hours away. It was SO fun, but driving a total of 6 hours, and getting back home at 1am, is a bit much. The next day I awoke mentally spent. Seriously I hadn’t felt my depression bubble up as strong in years. I was also enduring PMS–quite a combination! Yes, even a blogger that writes about life with anxiety isn’t immune to the bad days 😉 .

With the help of my husband, he really is my rock, and lots of rest, I made it through. After waking up to severe depression, I went about my normal routine and opened Facebook. In my messages was a note from a church friend. She hadn’t seen my husband or myself there and was checking in to see if we were OK. Now, we go to a fairly large church, so if someone doesn’t see us on a particular Sunday, it doesn’t necessarily mean we weren’t there.

The moment I saw the message on my Facebook inbox, my spirits lifted.

Later in the day, my husband and I decided to start going through some boxes and organizing one of our spare bedrooms. I unpacked years of old things. One of the things I did was go through old papers and letters. Letters from students and parents of students I had taught, thanking me for helping them. This was healing to my soul.

I also unpacked old sermon notes I’d kept from my old church. Sermons on the power of Jesus in your life. How He’s there even in the hard times. Like winter giving way to spring foliage, my depression slowly wafted away. For now anyway.

So tonight I sit in our living-room, remembering how the Lord led me through my latest bout of depression. I’m also listening to the Cubs game, knocking on wood, and breathing deeply (this is a ritual I’ll be blogging on a bit later 😉 ).

Remember if you live with depression (and are a Cubs fan 😉 ) you are NOT alone!


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