Weirdest Bucket List Ever….

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head that you sing it all live long day? Welcome to my Friday! Actually this song has been stuck in my head today because I wanted to write about it. Today’s song selection: Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything!

When I was in college, Veggie Tales (a children’s cartoon that teaches Biblical values. Also all of the characters are either a fruit or vegetable) was hugely popular among Christian college students all over the country. Stories were told of young college students going over to their adjacent Christian bookstores and plunking down in the children’s section with a bowl of popcorn, watching an endless stream of Veggie Tales videos. Ok, that may have been just me. πŸ˜›

So today I thought I’d go through a Veggie Tales Silly Song and do a bit of commentary. So sit back, relax and enjoy!:

1. I never have been to Greenland, but I do like sheep.
2. I’ve been to Denver once to visit family. Great city. Annoying airport. Interesting aroma πŸ˜‰
3. I’ve never buried treasure in either St. Louis or St. Paul, but I have been to St. Louis numerous times. Including once when I tried to take a picture of The Arch from the highway, but when I saw the photo it was of a blurry truck IN FRONT of The Arch. Oops!
4. Ah, Moscow. Never been. Can’t speak Russian either, but I agree it’s a beautiful language.
5. To my knowledge I’ve yet to visit Tampa. I did stand in line at Disney World for the Dumbo ride though. Fun times.
6. Oh, and I’ve never been to Boston, ever. In any season. However I DO remember where I was when the Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years in 2004.
7. I’ve never hoisted a mainstay. My dad enjoys sailing, but I’m water phobic. Plus I don’t know what kind of balance is needed in hoisting the mainstay, but it seems like a bit more work than I’d be able to do. Don’t you have to be a certain height anyway?
8. Does it count as a poop deck if you regularly clean out litter boxes and swab toilets on land, or does the place have to be on water??
9. I’ve never veer to starboard, and don’t have any idea what that even means.
(At this point I feel like maybe we ought to buy a boat)
10. Nope. Never walked the gangplank. Scared of heights.
11. Never owned a parrot either. Although there was that one summer where I really got into ornithology. At this point with two cats at home, I feel like it’d be a horrible environment for a parrot. Unless the parrot could hold its own and argue with the cats. That could be entertaining. πŸ˜€
12. Plucking a rooster….hmmm….never done it. Having never lived on a farm. Although urban farming is beginning to become a thing…..hmmmm…..
13. I kinda do suck at ping-pong. It takes a bit for me to find my stride. But if you want to see joy on a child’s face, play ping-pong with them and when they aren’t looking, grab an extra ball in your hand and when you go to serve, release them both! πŸ˜€
14. I DO make a mean pan of mashed potatoes, so it’d be a shame if I threw them up against the wall. Seems a bit messy. I suppose if I didn’t have to clean it up, I’d be cool with that.
15. Kissing chipmunks: OK, things just got weird. No. I’ve NEVER kissed a chipmunk. I don’t know where the chipmunk has been. Are we equating chipmunk kissing with the practice of swallowing live gold-fish from the ’60’s? No. Just. No.
16. Head lice. Ugh. My head itches just from thinking about it. YES, I have had head-lice. And because of that, I never shared a locker with someone again after 3rd grade.
17. Nope. Never licked a spark plug either. A battery, yes (gross I know. But what curious kid hasn’t? πŸ˜€ ).
18. Sniffing stinkbugs….hmmmm….Does this mean we physically picked it up and smelled it or smelled it after crushing it? I need clarification on this one.
19. Painted daisies on a big red rubber ball sounds like it would make an awesome decoration. I need to get on that.
20. I’ve bathed in oatmeal, but not yogurt. Although I hear it does wonders for your face.
21. And finally, for the record, I think I look great in leggings! (Dear world, leggings are great-as long as you wear something that covers your bum! Repeat after me: “Leggings are NOT pants and NEVER will be!!”)

Phew! That’s the whole song. And it seems like I have a few things yet to do in life. Now, can anyone tell me where I can buy a rooster?? πŸ˜€


Β **Mr. Lunt, Larry the Cucumber and Pa Grape appear courtesy of Veggie Tales and Youtube

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