“Exhaustion” And Other Relative Terms…….

It has felt like a Monday all day today. I am SO tired. It may be in part because I was kept up till 2:30, worrying about the sounds coming from our oldest cat. After an emergency call to the vet, all is fine. But I am really dragging today. This is something that I’d normally post to social media. A narrative along the lines of, “I am SO beyond tired today.”  But something stopped me today. It was the fear of the inevitable comment, “imagine having kids!”

OOF! Talk about a punch to the gut. For someone who is CNBC/BC (childless not by choice/by choice), these 3 words are a painful reminder of what we’ll never have. Get ready, kids. I’m about to get upon my soapbox…..ehem…..

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to retire the all too common practice of parents lording it over those without children how difficult parenting is, including the accompanying exhaustion. As if the exhaustion experienced by parents is somehow greater than that of a person with severe anxiety and depression. Or the person who has just lost a friend or parent. Or the person who has a chronic illness that will never go away.

Now, just to clarify, I’m not talking about parents posting on their own pages about the trials and exhaustion of parenting a tiny human. I’m simply pointing out the frustration of those of us that are CNBC having parents post these things on our pages.

Guys, I know you all mean well, but without realizing it, when you post things like this, it makes you look like a jerk. Especially if you know the history of the person who’s expressing their tiredness.

Moral of the story, when you see a post about someone expressing their extreme level of tiredness, think before you comment. The best thing you can write is a message of encouragement. Saying you are sorry and hope tomorrow is better. In this way, you are making social media a more welcoming place for those of us that are CNBC.


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