Go Home Fortune Cookie, You’re Drunk!!

Photo on 2015-09-19 at 16.59

Do no adjust your screens. What you are seeing is an actual fortune cookie with not one, not two, but THREE fortunes inside. Let’s unpack them and see what we have. 

1. “You thrive on adventure. True something new”: I don’t care what you think, I’ve researched the risks and still feel like sword swallowing whilst riding a unicycle is NOT for me! 

2. “You should do well at making money and holding onto it”: You’re right, I should. This doesn’t mean I actually do. So thanks for reminding me, you jerkwad! 😛 

3. “You take criticism as an opportunity to grow”: Eh, this one I’m working on. I still struggle with wanting to panic, push you down and run away though. Growth takes time. 😛 

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