What Do You Get When You Cross a Chicken With a Monkey?: Aunting Fails!

Well guys, it’s happened. I shot myself in the foot. Not literally. Let me explain. Awhile back I wrote in my blog on aunting that one of the traditions I have with my niece and nephews is to give them their birthday gifts on Christmas eve. What I maybe didn’t explain was that it’s become tradition for me to make a framed picture for their rooms for their first birthday. This picture normally is made from abandoned scraps of construction paper or card stock from previous art projects. When I start I don’t know what I’ll be making, but inspiration has struck two of the three times. Here is the picture that started it all. It now hangs proudly in my oldest nephew’s room:


For my niece I crafted a bumblebee out of construction paper. It is shown flying around the paper, spelling out her name (hence the reason I haven’t included it here).

Now, for my youngest nephew, I hadn’t really decided what his picture would be. I really hadn’t thought much about it until I happened to mention this to my sister-his mother-and she said, “You aren’t gonna make a chicken-monkey??”

See, a few months after my nephew was born and I was about to make my first visit, I watched one of my favorite movies, “Frozen” a few dozen times (remember, I work in child-care). There is a scene in the movie where an old prince is dancing with the princess Anna. He describes his dancing thusly, “like a chicken with the head of a monkey!”

When I first met my nephew and immediately fell in love, as most aunts will do, I took the baby and bounced him up and down. Now, when some people are playing with a baby, the weirdest things fly out of their mouths. Case in point, when my oldest nephew was a baby, his mother called him, “mommy’s turkey sandwich”, even though the kid looked no where near a turkey sandwich.  He did however, because of his hair, slightly resemble a rooster, which was his other moniker of choice, but I digress.

So, when I bounced my youngest nephew up and down, to make him laugh and be silly, I said, “Are you a chicken, or a monkey? Or a monkey-chicken??” This was honestly the first time he belly laughed, so I kept doing it. I kept doing it to the point where this became his nickname and now I’m stuck with having to craft a mythical beast that hopefully won’t scare the crap out of him!

This was my first attempt. Keep in mind, I have till December to perfect this:

Photo on 2015-09-18 at 17.23

Hey, I warned you it was rough. This was sketched out on a napkin in a coffee shop. For some reason this version has webbed feet.

Have you ever agreed to something that only afterwards you realized you may be in over your head??

Happy Weekend!!

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