A House Divided Can Still Stand….#LoveWins

This blog post began to be written on Friday, September 11th but due to sickness, I wasn’t able to finish until tonight…….

Let me just say straight away that this is not going to be a typical Friday post. I had a LAFF topic in mind, but given the date, it just didn’t seem right. We’ll be back to our regular humor post next Friday. But today something a bit different.

This week has been pretty non productive. Sickness has run rampant through our house in the last few days, putting almost all normal activity on stand still. Today was the first day I felt somewhat normal, but I just couldn’t get myself to finish the chores I had planned. However, I did manage to change the sheets on the bed. A funny thing happens each time I change the sheets on our bed. This activity makes me reflect on the differences between my husband and I. Let me explain…..

See, we have two sets of bed sheets and pillowcases. One is red and the other one is blue. However, we almost never use all one color of sheets and pillowcases. We mix and match. At the time we registered for them, I didn’t think much about specifically red and blue, I just thought they looked pretty. After we were married and were making the bed for the first time, it hit me. Red and blue aren’t simply pretty colors….they also represent the two major political parties in our country; red for republican-or conservative/right-wing, blue for democrat-or left-wing/liberal. Without outing either one of us, lets just say that we voted for opposing candidates in a recent presidential election. In this way, we are a house divided.

When we first started dating, many years ago, most people were flummoxed that we could date each other yet hold differing political views. I’m not going to say it’s always been easy. Holding differing political views has caused us to challenge one another at times. 

I guess it all started after we began dating right before the ’08 presidential election. I was on Facebook one day and a friend of mine posted a status update, detailing how her and her spouse had researched heavily to determine what candidate they were going to vote for. They. Meaning they would agree on a candidate together. This struck me as so strange. Why do you have to only choose one candidate? Where is your individuality? When you marry, do you cease to become unique as an individual? What if you don’t share the same opinions as your spouse, but still love them fiercely?

In an age where politics divides so many people, is there room in that division for love? Not just love, but love that is deep and fierce and bold? I definitely think so. My husband and I have been together for nearly 7 and a half years and in that time, we’ve learned to love beyond politics. Case in point:

In the summer of ’09 we were living in neighboring states, several hours apart. We phoned each other once a day, late at night when Chad would get off work. One night, he didn’t call. I can’t remember if I was annoyed, but knowing myself, I probably was. Early the next morning he phoned me to say that he was walking home from work the night before when he was jumped by 3 guys. They pushed him to the ground, kicked him and stole his brand new laptop. Fortunately he wasn’t far from a friend’s house, and they assisted him to the ER where he was treated and released. Hearing this story left me terrified.

In that moment, our political differences didn’t matter one bit. All I wanted to do was jump on a bus and be with him. I also knew in that moment that I didn’t want to lose him. Ever.

In this day and age when planes fly into buildings, people die in car accidents on a daily basis, and famous comedians succumb to the pressure to be perfect, shouldn’t there be more room for love? We are all living here on this blue and green orb for such a short while. In the time we have together, shouldn’t we be more focused on loving each other rather than focusing on who’ll get our vote? After all in the end, a house divided can still stand strong because….love wins.


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