Cosmetics Without Fear: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Being healthy is something I’ve always strived for. When I was a kid, I watched my dad diet and exercise religiously. My mom even made sure we had plenty of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods to eat. The most famous line at our house was, when telling mom we were hungry, she’d always say, “We have bananas!” Because of this, to the day I love anything banana flavored. Yep, you’re right, I could have easily gone the other direction. 😀

Several years ago I went through a phase where I wanted to use as many natural products as possible. I read an article about how lots of US cosmetics companies use lead in their lipsticks and how it was supposedly causing cancer in women. Of course this terrified me, I tossed out my lipsticks and vowed to replace them with more natural options. One thing led to another and I was suddenly thrust into all things natural. I began frequenting a specific website that rates personal care products for how much “toxicity” they had. I threw out creams and lotions in my attempt to become healthier. 

This went on for several years. In that time a good friend and mentor of mine was diagnosed and succumbed to cancer. On one of the natural websites I was a part of, a member, who knew about my friend, implied that she died because she didn’t use enough natural products. Knowing this was not the case, that conversation was a turning point for me.

I had been so preoccupied with trying to live a stringent, natural life that I was forgetting to enjoy the time I had. To live without the fear that everything around me could do me in. 

Nowadays I still incorporate natural elements into my beauty routine, but I enjoy wearing makeup. I do look at the ingredients now, but I’m more concerned with allergens that’ll cause me to break out-I have sensitive skin-not whether or not I’ll get cancer. And the natural products I do use (olive oil as makeup remover and coconut oil and coffee grounds as an exfoliant) are more out of convenience than anything. They were already sitting around on my shelves at home. 

So if you are overwhelmed by all the chatter about what’s really in the products you use, take a deep breath. Then step away from the research and go walk your dog or take your spouse out on a date. And enjoy your life. You only get one.

Remember, you aren’t alone! 



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