A Hair Story; Or What Princess Leia Would Look Like After She Sneezed……

For the last two years I’ve worked pretty hard at growing my hair out. Ok, that was a lie as I didn’t really “do” anything different. Essentially I just went for fewer haircuts. And the money I saved on haircuts went directly into the cat’s college fund. This week I hit a few milestones, hair-wise.

I have practiced off and on for a few months and my skills have finally caught up to my hair length and I attempted, for the first time, a style called “Milk Maid Braids.” This is what they are supposed to look like: 


This was my result-yes, I did wear them out in public: 


I know what you are thinking, I should be a hair model!! I mean, why not? Especially when I go out in public with my hair like this and get compliments like, “Wow! Your hair is very entertaining!” Seriously guys, I can see this version of Milkmaid Braids-complete with mismatched hair ties and Beeker-esque fly-aways, on the runway this fall. But when I took it out, things got even better! My husband calls this one “What Princess Leia Would Look Like After She Sneezed”: 


But guys, last night I attempted another sought-after style–the Top Knot……However, things went awry. Just take a look: 

This is what I was going for: 


but THIS is what happened. I call it the Drunk Pebbles Flinstone: 

Photo on 2015-08-27 at 22.56

So that’s it. I’ll keep working on improving my technique.
Enjoy your weekend-try to get that last image of my hair erased from your memory (good luck), and I’ll see you back here on Monday!! 


*Images that don’t feature my beautiful face appear courtesy: www.cutegirlshairstyles.com and www.thefashionablewife.com 

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