RE: Cat Superpowers….The Answer That You Seek….

Friday on my blog I posed the following question about our oldest cat. Can she A. Lick Carpets B. Open Doors or C. Scale 10 ft. Mattresses and Climb Down Backwards??

The answer: Trick question because she can do ALL THREE!! 

That’s right! 

The carpet licking started quite recently. Whether there are some residual crumbs on the carpet left over from a random snack, or out of sheer boredom, she’ll randomly start licking the carpet. Maybe the fibers feel good on her tongue. Maybe she has PICA-who knows. Cat logic is not something that follows any rhyme or reason. Case in point, when I started writing this, I got cold and went into the bedroom to retrieve a sweatshirt. Our oldest was sitting on the bed and I went up and scratched her head. She stretched out her legs and her claw became caught on my ring and WOULD NOT COME OUT!! She took this as an invasion of privacy and bit me. Twice. I tried explaining that she needed to help mommy unhook her claw from my ring, but that just made her madder. Finally after a bit of careful wiggling, my hand broke free and I immediately swabbed the back of my hand with rubbing alcohol. I swear, our oldest is so angsty that I wouldn’t be surprised if Diary of a Mad Black Woman” was loosely based on her life. Seriously.

Moving on….Our angsty cat also has a penchant for opening doors. When she first arrived at my husband’s old apartment it didn’t take long for this trick to manifest itself. At first my husband thought he was forgetting to close the french style doors in his apartment. But then one day, he observed our cat walk up to the closed-door, lie down parallel to the door and perform a move that looks across between a somersault and a ninja kick. It’s pretty impressive to see, but unfortunately, the only video I have is pretty dark and on my old phone that no longer works. 😦 

Lastly is her patented mattress trick. The first time I realized she could scale up tall objects was a few weeks before my husband and I got married.  Long story short, we had to fumigate our house overnight, so the cats had to stay with me in the apartment I was renting. I was also in the midst of packing up the apartment to prepare for moving in with my husband after we got married, so there was a fair bit of chaos in my apartment. I tried to keep tabs of both cats, but at one point, I could not find our oldest. I looked in every room. I finally went into the bedroom, and found this: 


She was casually resting herself on the top of my old mattress!! She did whine when it was time to come down because she couldn’t figure out HOW to get down-but after a few minutes she figured it out. A few months after we were married, We had stored a similar mattress in a similar way in a spare room of our house. One day I saw her again sitting casually on the top, not a care in the world. Then I saw her get down and her technique greatly impressed me. At first she started down headfirst, but about a 4th of the way down, she decided that wasn’t the safest option and, while still at a 90 degree angle, she maneuvered around so she was now booty first and climbed the rest of the way down. Again you’ll just have to take my word for it as the only video evidence we have is on my old phone that is DOA. 

Do you have a cat that can do tricks? Comment below! 


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