Dear Motel 6……

My husband and I were looking forward to our once a year vacation to Michigan for a family reunion. Your establishment in Grand Rapids, MI was to be our pit stop overnight. Our room was booked days in advance and was reportedly non-smoking, it even said so on the door. So it was with great shock that we discovered our room was not completely smoke free when, upon opening the door, we were hit with a wall of cigarette smoke-completely invisible, but the odor was pungent. Having arrived at 2 in the morning, we decided not to complain and suck it up (pun intended) for a night, even after noticing the cigarette burns on the bed sheets.  Which leads me to my next beef; the bed.

Now maybe this was partly our fault. After purchasing a memory foam, king-sized mattress for our bedroom, if we happen to sleep anywhere else it’s a bit of an adjustment. But this bed topped them all. The bed was supposedly a double, but I’m calling that bogus, based on the fact that after we both got into the bed and lied down, we had to hold on to each other to keep the other person from falling out of the bed. Maybe you need to consider putting in seat belts for added safety. 

I have also never stayed in a budget motel that had drainage issues. Thankfully it was confined to the sink and didn’t affect the toilet. But it’s still frustrating when the water from the sink doesn’t drain properly and who knows how long the water had been in the sink before we arrived, and who else had their hands in it. I had to reach into the questionable water and try to manually lift out the drain plug and leave it out. Otherwise, our water usage would have surely caused the sink to overflow.

Speaking of water, we had wanted to shower in the morning before leaving so we’d arrive somewhat fresh at our final destination. After going into the bathroom and discovering there were NO towels on the shelf, we contacted the front desk. Their response, “All our towels are currently in the dryer-sorry.” Um, say that again?? I’ve NEVER stayed in a motel that didn’t have clean towels available when needed. Come on guys, this one is a no brainer. 😛 

Now, you may be thinking that we should have done more homework before booking our motel by perusing reviews on sites such as Here is the problem, we did. I found a few reviews that were very unflattering, but a few more that were complimentary and had been written after the unflattering ones. 

Maybe it’s a crap shoot. Maybe you really do get what you pay for. But is it too much to ask that what you pay for is a clean, fresh smelling room with an actual double bed and no standing water? What would Tom Bodett do? We’ll, at least you left the light on for us. **Even if it was flickering and hanging off the ceiling from exposed wires. 



*meme depicting how good options are in searching for lodging appears courtesy of: Pinterest 
**creative license has been taken in depicting actual events

PS: In a bit of good news, Motel 6 did refund us part of our room fee for the inconvenience caused during our stay

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