Sunday Donut Update…..

You all will be pleased to know that after several days of craving donuts, I finally got not one but two! Ok, technically they were cheese danishs but hey, I’m countin’ them. 😀 

So, here’s the thing guys, my upcoming week is going to be pretty intense. That being said, I’m not sure I’ll be able to blog. I’m gonna really try, but if you don’t see much activity here in the next week, don’t panic, I will be back to regular blogs the week after. In the meantime, check out a few of my friends. 

1. For humor blogs, check out: and (this one is a bit edgy with salty language)

2. If you are needing a little inspiration, go here: and

So this next week, give some of my friends some blog love and I’ll see you back here next week. 



Well crap, I need another one! Image appears courtesy of:   **burp** excuse me 😉 

Dear 20-Somethings: How NOT To Quit Your Job….And a Thank You! #100

I don’t know how it happened or what changed, and this is gonna make me sound super old….but it seems like young folks (I just aged myself again 😛 ) today don’t know how to quit a job. Whether it’s because the workload is too much, or they just realized the job wasn’t the right fit, bowing out of employment gracefully has become a lost art. So the following is a list of what NOT to do, followed by what TO do instead…..(and it’s a short list. This isn’t rocket science! 😛 )

1. NEVER quit your job as a no-call, no-show:
DO give it a month. If you then still can’t find something about the job you like, kindly let your boss know and…….

2. DO give a two-week notice, no matter what. My last job by the end I was barely hanging on mentally. I still go through anxiety when I think about my former place of employment and as a result haven’t been able to go back to pick up some paperwork that I’d otherwise need. Yeah, it was bad. But I told myself I was going to show my boss respect that I hadn’t gotten in return. So I gave a two-week notice as is common courtesy. Extending courtesy to those that you feel don’t deserve it is part of being a mature adult.

So there you have it! Oh and before I go, I have an announcement……

Do you know how many blogs I’ve done as of today?? No guesses? 100!! It’s weird to think I’ve done 100 entries here. I’ve written more in the last 5 months than I did in all my years in school. Crazy! So I want to say thank you!

Thank you to Jesus for placing this blog on my heart and giving me the words each day.

Thank you to my wonderful husband, Chad, for encouraging me to keep writing and for supporting this blog every step of the way.

Last but not least, I want to thank YOU for subscribing and reading this blog that’s become my little spot on the internet. I hope I’ve left you encouraged and inspired to live life to the fullest, even in the midst of anxiety. I don’t know how long this blog will continue, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Remember you are NEVER alone and are LOVED more deeply than you can imagine!



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Unconscious Depression and Donuts…….

This morning as I woke up to my husband’s heavy metal alarm clock–hello 4:30am–he rolled over and kissed me, then asked if I was OK. Marveling at this new way of greeting me in the morning, I said I was. But why did he ask? “Because,” he said, “around 3:00am you were crying in your sleep.” Um, what? Yep. Sure enough. I blinked my eyes and my lashes were a bit damp. I had cried in my sleep. But why?

So I did a bit of research via Google this afternoon and up popped a diagnosis: I’m depressed. Well, NO DOY GOOGLE! 😛 I was first diagnosed with depression in high school, nearly 20 years ago, and have taken medication to manage it ever since. My depression manifests itself in several ways, but this morning was the first time “unconscious crying” made the symptom list.

The only thing i can think of that may have precipitated the crying this morning was a dream I had. Of course, I remember dreaming, but the substance of my dream is a bit foggy. It may have been that I was being chased by zombies. Or maybe I had a flashback to my previous job. But as I’ve scoured the internet today for answers, I think I have another explanation.

See, yesterday I had a craving for a donut. It came up suddenly and strong. And I happened to post about it on Facebook. Then it snowballed. I began seeing more things about donuts online. Probably due to Facebook’s creepy algorithm that tracks what you search for. So donuts began popping up everywhere online. Like Pavlov’s Dog, my mouth began to water each time I’d see that super sweet, round decadence. Unfortunately, we have no donuts at our house so I’ve had to deal with this craving without relief. My guess is that I went to sleep last night, craving a donut, and had a dream that all the donuts in all the world mysteriously became unavailable anywhere. Of course this would cause me to weep uncontrollably.

Have you ever cried in your sleep? Share your stories in the comments below.


*meme describing how I feel right now appears courtesy of my friend Connor Loyd 🙂

PS: I’d like to give a special shout-out to my sister Kathryn, whose birthday is today. Ironically we always celebrate her birthday by eating donuts.

It’s Inevitable…….

It’s inevitable that when you come home from a night out and look at your oldest furbaby’s face, that sometimes one of her eyes will be swollen and teary.

It’s inevitable that same night that the cat won’t be able to sleep well so that means you’ll have to somehow figure out how to sleep with a furry tail across your nose, and the south end of a cat’s butt trained directly on your face. Did I mention she usually has frequent bad gas?

It’s inevitable that night you’ll pray about what to do and decide to call the vet in the morning.

It’s inevitable that in the morning, you plan to call the vet but only after checking on the cat, but she is nowhere to be found. It’s inevitable that you call the vet anyway and make an appointment, telling the vet that she has been sluggish with no energy. 

It’s inevitable that after hanging up with the vet, you find the cat lying in a pile of clothes in the laundry basket by the bed. 

It’s inevitable that after hours of no energy and sluggishness, the cat somehow finds the will to keep living, and in a burst of energy tries to kick the snot out of the youngest. 

It’s inevitable that after you witness this, you wonder if going to the vet will be needed. 

It’s inevitable that you hope things are better tomorrow! 



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Dear Fortune Cookie, Stop Telling Me What To Do!!

Happy Monday!! Who else stateside spent July 4th holed up in a small room with their furbabies, waiting for the fireworks to stop? 😛 God Bless America! Anyway, on to today’s topic……

Lately I’ve been eating fortune cookies. My husband frequents a local chinese restaurant on his lunch break, but he doesn’t like the fortune cookies, so he saves them for me. As you know, I’ve collected fortune cookie fortunes for years. It’s interesting what each cookie will say. Sometimes you get ones that are inspiring, other times you get generic-y trite ones that say things like, “Don’t look back. Always look ahead.” Or, “If you give your best, you will get the best.” 

Then there are the days where you get a fortune that is so bizarre, you can’t understand how they came up with it. Today was one of those days. Actually I would classify my fortune today as strangely specific and creepy. Seriously. 

Photo on 2015-07-06 at 16.23

For those of you that can’t read it clearly, it says: “Next summer, you will dance to a different beat.”

The first question I would ask is why next summer?? Why not tomorrow?? Do they know something I don’t? Why can’t I dance to a different beat starting next week?? Why do I have to wait a year? Will it throw off the tilt of the earth if I go against advice and start dancing to a different beat tomorrow? 

Next is to wonder what kind of beat can I dance to. Does it have to be in 3/4th time or can I go faster with 4/4th time? Can I dance with someone or does this have to be a solo endeavor? 

Lastly, what kind of music do I need to use? Because I gotta say right now if it’s techno, I may have to re-evaluate some of my techniques for making life decisions. 

Ah, so many questions for such a small cookie! Have any of you ever gotten a creepy fortune cookie fortune? What did it say? 



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As I’ve written about before, our oldest cat recently had surgery to remove some dental abscesses. During her healing, I was concerned that she hadn’t pooped in several days, so I kept watch over the litter box. On day 6, it happened. She pooped and I was SO overjoyed, I just had to tell someone about it. So I called my husband with the wonderful news. As he picked up, I got right to the point: “SHE POOPED!” I exclaimed loudly.

How was I supposed to know he was on a conference call on speaker phone with important clients.


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Thursday Thank You Note…..

In the spirit of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, here is a quick bloggy Thank You Note: 

Thank You Hired Board for finally getting back to me regarding employment. If I ever complete that time machine, I’ll program it to take me back to Louisville in the year 2006, and contact you. Please be advised that my skill-set has changed slightly in the last couple years, and I’ll likely be jockeying for your position. 😀 

322-job search cartoon

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