Dear 20-Somethings: How NOT To Quit Your Job….And a Thank You! #100

I don’t know how it happened or what changed, and this is gonna make me sound super old….but it seems like young folks (I just aged myself again 😛 ) today don’t know how to quit a job. Whether it’s because the workload is too much, or they just realized the job wasn’t the right fit, bowing out of employment gracefully has become a lost art. So the following is a list of what NOT to do, followed by what TO do instead…..(and it’s a short list. This isn’t rocket science! 😛 )

1. NEVER quit your job as a no-call, no-show:
DO give it a month. If you then still can’t find something about the job you like, kindly let your boss know and…….

2. DO give a two-week notice, no matter what. My last job by the end I was barely hanging on mentally. I still go through anxiety when I think about my former place of employment and as a result haven’t been able to go back to pick up some paperwork that I’d otherwise need. Yeah, it was bad. But I told myself I was going to show my boss respect that I hadn’t gotten in return. So I gave a two-week notice as is common courtesy. Extending courtesy to those that you feel don’t deserve it is part of being a mature adult.

So there you have it! Oh and before I go, I have an announcement……

Do you know how many blogs I’ve done as of today?? No guesses? 100!! It’s weird to think I’ve done 100 entries here. I’ve written more in the last 5 months than I did in all my years in school. Crazy! So I want to say thank you!

Thank you to Jesus for placing this blog on my heart and giving me the words each day.

Thank you to my wonderful husband, Chad, for encouraging me to keep writing and for supporting this blog every step of the way.

Last but not least, I want to thank YOU for subscribing and reading this blog that’s become my little spot on the internet. I hope I’ve left you encouraged and inspired to live life to the fullest, even in the midst of anxiety. I don’t know how long this blog will continue, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Remember you are NEVER alone and are LOVED more deeply than you can imagine!



*meme demonstrating how important it is to hold your tongue at work appears courtesy:

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