It’s Inevitable…….

It’s inevitable that when you come home from a night out and look at your oldest furbaby’s face, that sometimes one of her eyes will be swollen and teary.

It’s inevitable that same night that the cat won’t be able to sleep well so that means you’ll have to somehow figure out how to sleep with a furry tail across your nose, and the south end of a cat’s butt trained directly on your face. Did I mention she usually has frequent bad gas?

It’s inevitable that night you’ll pray about what to do and decide to call the vet in the morning.

It’s inevitable that in the morning, you plan to call the vet but only after checking on the cat, but she is nowhere to be found. It’s inevitable that you call the vet anyway and make an appointment, telling the vet that she has been sluggish with no energy. 

It’s inevitable that after hanging up with the vet, you find the cat lying in a pile of clothes in the laundry basket by the bed. 

It’s inevitable that after hours of no energy and sluggishness, the cat somehow finds the will to keep living, and in a burst of energy tries to kick the snot out of the youngest. 

It’s inevitable that after you witness this, you wonder if going to the vet will be needed. 

It’s inevitable that you hope things are better tomorrow! 



*Cats that would fit in well with 19 Kids and Counting appear courtesy: 

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