A Quickie on Romance……

No, I’m not gonna talk about that part of romance, but at least I got your attention 😉 . Being married not even two years, many would say that maybe we aren’t qualified to offer romance tips to keep things lively, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Besides, we were together for years before we married. 

1. Be spontaneous: Romance doesn’t just happen when you take the time to light candles and have an awesome meal prepared. Romance can happen anywhere. So go ahead and dance with your spouse when you are in the check out lane at the grocery store (pro tip-if you plan to do ‘the dip’, make sure you are away from any candy or magazine racks that your spouse could bonk their head on)

2. Recite your favorite movie lines (bonus points if you can do it in the character’s voice): One of our favorite movies is The Princess Bride. A few nights ago, just for fun, I was able to recite most of Miracle Max’s lines during a pivotal scene. My husband and I both erupted in peals of laughter. Being able to laugh and be silly together is the mark of a strong bond. Strengthen this often.

3. Surprise them with their favorite meal: I admit it, I’m not much of a cook. But for some reason my husband LOVES my mashed potatoes. And he has a demanding job that leaves him pretty hungry when he comes home. Making his favorite mashed potatoes is just another way of saying, “I love you and appreciate what you do for our family.”

I think that about covers it folks. Movies, check-out lane dancing, and mashed potatoes are the hallmark of a successful marriage. Eh, at least it works for us. 😛


*cartoon depicting what not to do appears courtesy of: http://www.cartoonstock.com

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