Aunting, Sand Art and Emergency Calls to the Vet……

The above title pretty much sums up my day. My husband’s niece spent the night with us, so we slept in then watched movies and did sand art. Layering colored sand in a decorative plastic jar while Dorothy and friends escaped the witch’s castle to return to OZ with her broomstick. It was such a relaxing afternoon. Then it happened…. 

As you may recall our oldest cat just had dental surgery and is still in healing mode. She’s been on soft food since Friday. A regimen we were supposed to continue for 3 more days. We abruptly changed course today in dramatic fashion. As our niece and I were watching the movie, I noticed our oldest cat go for the litter box. This was cause for celebration as I’m sure any parent of a tiny human or fur baby eagerly anticipate the bathroom habits of their kids in the days following any major medical procedure. So my eyes were transfixed. That’s why I was more than a bit confused when I saw her sit down next to the litter box. I kept watching and she put her head down. Then I saw her mouth move…..then I realized what she was doing…..she was EATING LITTER!! 

Ok, I know what you are thinking. “Hey lady, why aren’t you feeding your cat?” To this I say we definitely were. The problem is that cats are pretty stubborn and finicky when it comes to any change in their routine, including switching flavors of cat food or dry to wet. After several attempts we had yet to find that perfect flavor that she’d just devour. So we kept at it. Last week I mentioned that when cats are in distress, they will let you know. Well, she definitely told me what was up. I frantically called my husband, then I called the vet. The vet said to go ahead and resume her regular dry food feeding schedule. Apparently small pieces of clay (the main component in litter) and dry cat food is similar enough in texture that the vet felt confident she’d be able to handle it. 

Sometimes in life you have to remain flexible. Things come up where you have to change your expectations and course. The best thing you can do is accept the new course, stop the cat from eating used litter and call the vet for further instructions.  

If your cat also eats weird stuff, you aren’t alone. 



*bad influence cat appears courtesy of:

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