Bumper Stickers and Regret

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. About two and a half years ago, I visited a small town family business with an unfortunate name. Despite being a small town business, they’d developed quite a following and had a section in their store advertising their unusual name. Merchandise included mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and bumper stickers. All these items proudly proclaimed, “I  **insert unfortunately named small town business here**” 

I had heard about this business and was excited to visit. I saw all this merchandise and couldn’t help but pick up a bumper sticker for our car. See, we have a few humorous tags on the back and I wanted to add to it. One series of stickers has all the names that were involved in the last presidential election. Yep, we like to make people laugh and confuse them. So we were excited to add this sticker to our collection. 

But two and a half years later, most of our other stickers have faded but this one still boldly proclaims, “I  **insert unfortunately named small town business here**” And its made me start thinking. Thinking about where we take our car on a daily basis. And knowing that this sticker is prominently displayed. When we go grocery shopping. When we go to church. And when we go to work. As much as we’d like to think differently, the outside of our car is a representation of ourselves. It would be different if we lived in the same small town as the unfortunately named business. Then it’d be seen as an homage to a successful family run business. But drive out of the small town bubble and that same bumper sticker will elicit confused stares and double takes, and not because it’s funny. They may see us as a kind of medical anomaly in need of….never mind. 

So the time has come for this particular bumper sticker to take its leave. But there’s one problem. It won’t come off. Granted, we haven’t tried everything yet, but I’m a bit nervous after I discovered that removal wouldn’t be as simple as tearing it off with my bare hands. That little bugger is really holdin’ on. Our next attempt will probably involve some sort of solvent. So, until we can successfully remove this sticker, if you see us out in the world, please refer to this post and the video below as an explanation.

If you’ve had second thoughts on a bumper sticker on your car, and have tried unsuccessfully to remove it, take heart. You are not alone. When you go to the store to buy that bottle of
Goo-Gone, tell them it’s on me. 


*Rhett & Link and Butt Drugs appear courtesy of Youtube

Learn more about their history here: http://www.buttdrugs.com

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