Leave a Message at the Beep…..Please!

To the random person that called me this morning: 

I’m sorry I missed your call. See, I have an old cat that has been quite needy lately. So needy in fact that she insisted on sleeping with her body attached to my skull. My phone was on the other side of her and in order to answer it I had to wake up, make sure to reach over the cat, and then engaged in a sort of blind game of “Where Is It” where my hand randomly smashed down onto my nightstand as I desperately attempted to locate my phone. Then I had to push my hair out of my eyes so I could see, then push the button on the phone to answer. After all of this, I’m sorry you gave up and hung up on me. If you were to call back and I don’t answer right away, please leave a message after the beep. Thanks! 

Oh, and word to the wise; don’t let your cat borrow your phone to make a quick call. You’ll regret it. 😀

*Irresponsible cat appears courtesy of: pinterest.com

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