PSA: What to do When Your Child Cheats at School

Today my blog has a special guest author; my friend Bill. Bill is a football coach and wants to talk to your kids about cheating. Take it away, Bill.

Has your young child recently come home from school with a note from their teacher explaining they were caught in an elaborate cheating ring at their school? Does your child admit to being the ringleader, but doesn’t seem to be sorry or understand the gravity (heehee, get it?? 😉 ) of the situation? Well, you are in luck. All you have to do is purchase the New England Patriots Cheaters Never Prosper (That Much) Educational Packet. For 4 easy payments of $250,000 (+$10,000 S&H), you will educate your child on the pitfalls of cheating. This educational kit includes one 2015 Patriot Superbowl ring in the shape of a tiny ball deflater, a time out timer that can only be set for 4 minutes-one minute for every game Brady has been suspended, and a football that can be deflated with the ring (Show your little cheater how much fun throwing around a completely deflated ball can really be).

For an additional 10 G’s, Tom Brady himself will visit with your child and teach him a few pointers on why cheating is wrong. Apparently his appearances are a requirement for some sort of “community service” program. 

2015 patriots superbowl ring

*Disclaimer: This PSA is in no way associated with the NFL or the New England Patriots in an effort to raise fine money accrued because we are a bunch of blatant, dirty cheaters. Trust us. We’d never lie to kids. Oh, and make sure to please only send cash.

In all seriousness, I hope this made you smile. Share with any football fans you know. #GOCOLTS!  😀


*totally believable superbowl ring appears courtesy of:


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