Somedays are long because of a lack of sleep the night before due to needing a refill on your insomnia medicine. You’ll lay in bed for hours, trying to will yourself to sleep, even singing Billy Joel’s song, “Always a Woman” in your head-repeatedly. After a few drowsy rounds of the 70’s classic, you give up on sleep, put on an episode of Desperate Housewives and try to fall asleep later. Except later doesn’t come. The dark night transitions to slivers of light. Birds begin chirping. And you realize sleep is not going to happen anytime soon. Then your husband awakens and things really take a turn. Realizing there is no way you can try to sleep through his heavy metal shower tunes, you pull up another episode and figure you can try to sleep later.

Midway through season 5, you finally resolve to really try this time, climb into bed and… wake up several hours later, a small sleep victory that will end up being your only sleep of the day. You are pretty gross at this point because to try to block out any smattering of light, you take all the covers from the bed and pile them onto yourself, making sure your entire head is covered in darkness.

After several hours of being under 3 ft of blanket you wake up in a pool of sweat. So a bath is in order. Not wanting to wash your hair again, it is pulled back in a hasty ponytail. While you are enjoying your bath, a phone call is made to see if the RX you so desperately need will be ready to pick up at the pharmacy. But there is a catch… need to be seen at the dr. first. Panic sets in as you realize it’s 3:30 and the office closes at 4:30. Thankfully they have an opening at 4. So you haul booty out of the tub, get dressed and while you are putting on your shoes, your cat-who has plenty of food and water-decides it’d be in her best interest to bite you on the hand. Good thing you are going to the dr.

It’s only then that you look in the mirror and realize your hair resembles that of an extra from the cast of Les Miserables. “Whatever, it’s your favorite musical,” you think as you pour yourself into the car and count down the hours till you can get some real sleep. After being seen by the dr and waiting for your ride, you peruse the magazines and find a perfume sample of a classic fragrance. You rub it on yourself–you have a date later–and it’s only then that you contemplate the number of people who have done the same thing. With the same sample. Oh and that sample? Well, you now accidentally smell like a grandma. Awesome!

Arriving home, your stomach growls even more. Focusing so much on trying to sleep that you haven’t eaten all day, you look forward to dinner even more. When dinner finally arrives it’s as if angels from heaven have come down and cooked your meal themselves….it’s that good. And the glass of sangria you’ve promised yourself would be at the end of this day-perfection. 

I had a long day. But it is over and tomorrow will be better. Or maybe not. If you’ve also had a long day, take heart. You are not alone. Just remember to take time and relax, have a glass of sangria and remember tomorrow is another day. 


And speaking of Les Miserables, it’s always been a dream of mine to be a part of the cast. Or do this. Enjoy!

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