Writer’s Block, Anxiety and The Problem With Cats

Well, I’m back today! Yesterday was a perfect storm of events. Being a Monday, I woke up with anxiety that lasted all day. Then I had trouble putting my thoughts down on paper for a decent blog.  And finally I think our oldest cat, who we affectionately refer to as “Princess Fussy-Butt,” accidentally threw us off-line with her puma-sized paws when she ran behind the couch to escape God knows what. Her likely source of fear? My husband had just walked in the door with an armload of groceries. Yep. I couldn’t explain it further even if I tried. 

She was in rare form this weekend as she spent time on Sunday afternoon doing what I can only describe as wrestling with one of my leg braces. Although she defended her actions saying the leg brace started it, and if she hadn’t thrown it quickly into a half nelson she would have surely been killed. She ended the day by finding my eyelash curler and putting it in her mouth. 

So if you had a Monday like mine, you are not alone. I survived and so will you. You may just need to go out and buy another eyelash curler.



*diva cat that is not ours appears courtesy of: http://www.persian-cats.com/phpbb/some-shameless-tutu-action–t14472.html

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