Tales From The Nursing Home Part 2: The Incident

Who else loves napping on rainy Friday afternoons? Lets get this rainy LAFF (Lulabelle’s Anxiety Free Friday) started:

We begin where we left off last week. As you’ll remember, I volunteered at a nursing home laundry room once a week. When I began this volunteer position, I only folded the towels and wash cloths, but soon ‘graduated’ to folding resident’s clothing. I’d work there a few months when it happened.

I arrived at work early in the morning on that fateful day–8am to be exact. Walked the long hallways into the laundry room. I greeted my co workers and started folding the pile of laundry in front of me. The first part of my shift was spent folding towels and wash cloths. Clothing went in after those were finished, so we’d start folding articles of clothing after our break at 10am. I worked with other volunteers, mostly residents from the nursing home who craved the social interaction and fellowship.

I had just come back from our break when it happened. A pile of clothing was in front of me, and I began to fold it as instructed. I don’t remember the clothing going into certain piles, but this particular pile of clothing was for residents who lived in the main part of the nursing home. Those that needed medical assistance on a regular basis to bathe, clothe and at times feed themselves. Most of these residents were very elderly, average age being 80’s-90’s.

At this stage in the story, I should probably point out that this nursing home could at times seem rather conservative. Some residents and staff wore head coverings in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Knowing all of the above made it even more shocking when I was folding clothes and reached into the pile to pull out a brightly colored item. There, in between my fingers was a bright neon pink thong! Now to ratchet up the crazy factor, her name also appeared on what little fabric there was. Thankfully I didn’t recognize the name, but when I inquired of my co workers, it was revealed that she was still pretty spry for her age. No kidding. 😀

Several years have passed since ‘the incident’. Immediately following this day, when I’d tell the story, as I am today, I saw the humor in it. How unexpected it was to find such a ridiculous item in such a seemingly inappropriate place. But today I realized how awesomely inspiring this woman was.  In spite of her age she had the courage to say, “Screw what’s expected. I’m gonna wear what I want!”

I only hope to be half as bad ass as she when I get to be her age. May we all strive to live unexpected.

I hope this story made you smile and helped leave you inspired. Remember you are not alone.

I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

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