A Love Note From Jesus

So far in this blog we’ve established I have anxiety with loud noises and large open spaces and, in a way, raising children. Let’s add a new one to the mix-just for fun–crowds. I never realized I had an aversion to crowds, but standing outside in line for a Christian Music festival (featuring such bands as Skillet, Building 429, For King and Country as well as many others), the other weekend in Nashville Tennessee made me seriously consider adding crowds to the list. 😀 Standing still for two hours with more people slowly gathered around will do that to a person. Thankfully we were not trampled.

Anyway, we were finally moving and made our way down to our seats. There was a brief Q and A with some of the artists featured before the big concert began, which gave me time to get used to my surroundings-a welcome turn of events. The concert began and let me tell you, it was awesome. And LOUD! Thank goodness we all had good ear protection.

Before I forget, I probably should have mentioned one little detail: the whole concert was 5 hours, excluding the time spent in line. One lesson I’ve learned about myself over the years is what my limits are on certain things. That night I learned something new-a 5 hour concert of loud music without making sure I get enough breaks makes for a grumpy and anxiety fueled Lulabelle. It also didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten much since breakfast that morning. To add insult to injury was the chosen speaker. As you recall in my entry yesterday, my husband and I had thought of adoption, but decided to remain childless. The chosen speaker was an adoption agency representative. Even a bit over a month later the wound was still pretty fresh. Yep. It was the perfect storm of anxiety with a pinch of rage thrown in for good measure. I was really raging at God at this point and needed a break.

Fortunately I was with one of my best friends and she suggested we get out of there, get something to eat, and chill out for a bit. Now this concert was in a large indoor stadium, so if you needed to get food you had to take an elevator one level up from the floor. So we get in the elevator, get pizza and are returning to the elevator when we got lost. Thankfully there were lots of security roaming around and we asked for directions. We were escorted to the nearest elevator and it opened. As the elevator opened, I glanced into the corner and all my anger at God and anxiety melted away. My eyeballs instantly recognized who it was, but it took my brain a few seconds to realize that staring back at me was the lead singer of For King and Country, Luke Smallbone!! Now, I don’t have much experience meeting famous people, especially in confined spaces like elevators. So, in my head I’m thinking, “holy crap this is awesome! Should I ask for a photograph? Well, we are in an elevator, it’s gonna be a short ride. Do I even have a pen for an autograph??” Yes, I am still kicking myself that I didn’t ask for an autograph or picture. He was quite gracious though when I extended my hand and managed to congratulate him on his Grammy wins. All too quickly he exited the elevator, leaving my friend and I in shock. For the first time in my life I thanked the Lord for giving me anxiety!

When we arrived back to the main floor we realized the loudest band was about to perform to close out the event, so I stayed behind, ate pizza, and couldn’t stop smiling at how the Lord met me exactly where I was.

4 thoughts on “A Love Note From Jesus

  1. Just now how a chance to read your posts for yesterday & today. Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoyed both posts. It shows so much insight into your lives & your spiritual lives! How refreshing. Plus you are good at writing it out!! God bless you both.

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  2. This is great! I probably would’ve done the same thing…star struck w no pen, no camera pulled out! Sounds like you handled it like a champ! So proud of you for writing about this! It’s very encouraging to me. Bless you!

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